The old school house was then sold to local family man Penrose James who rented it to a local
building company.  The sign on the photograph above shows the name of the building company "J.M
Evans & Co".  Within years Mr James had sold the building off and it was occupied by local man, Mr
Harry Morgan who ran it as the local Smithy.  There were 2 other blacksmiths in the village already,
the first being in Folly Lane close by, which was named Ledshams forge and another on St Hillary's
brow run by the same family.  The postcard below shows the old school building being used as a
smithy in 1924.  
Salisbury Cottage
School in School Lane
The Old School House
Salisbury Cottage (Left) and Carlyle Cottage (Right).
The next building worth mentioning is the old School house which sits just elevated off Breck
Road.  This again is an old sandstone edifice built in 1799 as a school house.  The building also
has a plaque on the side noting its history.  Today both of these old sandstone buildings are used
as private residences.  
The next photograph shows Nelson Gutter or School lane in its prime.  The street are full of pupils
from St Hilary's school.  As they pose for the camera we can see a snap shot of life in Victorian
Harry Morgans Smithy
From folly lane, ran an old half cobbled
foot path known locally as The Gulley.  
The path curved and winded all the
way up to the grave yard at St
Hillary's Church.  As the path was
being used more and more, the traffic
began to grow and as a result the
path was widened and made into a
road.  This road was later renamed
Broadway and is used today as a main
route to St Hillary's Church.  

As we leave School lane and Folly
Lane, we travel down the most direct
route which would be Breck Road.  
Breck Road itself contains many
places of historical value all of which
are worth a note.

The first is an old sandstone cottage.  
I do not know its history but i will
endeavour to find out as much as
possible in the future.
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The old Cottage
Old School House
Plaque on School
"Nelsons Gutter" or the "Nelly" contained several historically valued buildings, including Sam
Salisbury's cottage which was a long white washed cottage with thatched roof.  The cottage
sustained a direct hit in 1941 from a German bomb which completely obliterated it and caused
severe damaged to Carlyle cottage next door.  Another house close by known as Buxton house was
also hit during the war by an incendiary bomb and subsequently burnt down during the raid.
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