The Seven Schools of Wallasey...

in Wallasey was extremely developed compared to many places in Wirral at the time.  The
first evidence of a school is the burial of a headmaster in St Hillary's in 1595.  From this point we
know that the children of Wallasey received some sort of education.  Records show that sometime
after, a separate school building was built on the site of St Hillary's Parish making it the
first school in

After that a new
second school building shown on the previous page, was erected in Breck Road in
1799.  The small school building was to educate the children incorporating a 6 day week for the
scholars.  As the population grew, so too did the amount of pupils attending the school.  In 1834
record show that there was 83 pupils using this small school.  It was soon decided that a new school
house was required where the young children could be educated separately.  

Shortly after in 1840 a new
third school house shown on the previous page, was built in Nelsons
gutter and the infants transferred to this building for their education.  This school remained in use
until 1907 when it became surplus to requirement.  

fourth school was opened in 1854 to cope with the growing amount of pupils.  This School was
built in a small lane known as Back Lane.  The school ran successfully for many years although it was
plagued with building problems from the outset, ranging from structural deficiencies to poor lighting.  
Years later the name of Back Lane was changed to what we call today
"St Georges Road".

In 1876 a fifth school was opened in Withens Lane in an area known as Flag Field.  This was a name
given locally due to the large flag stones which were sunk into the ground to allow easier movement
and stop people from having to walk in mud during the winter months.  The school costs exceeded a
record £13,600 and was used as an Elementary School for both boys & girls of Wallasey Village.  

In 1911 a
sixth school was built, and the old school was demolished.  The new school had many new
amenities including playing fields and classroom equipment.  But again as numbers began to grow,
the board began to look for a new and bigger school to run.  

1967 a
seventh school was opened formally by H.R.H the Duchess of Kent and was known as the
new "Wallasey Grammar School".  And so at the end of the term the pupils left the School at Withens
Lane and began their new term at the Grammar school which was built in Birkett Avenue on he newly
created Leasowe Estate.  The school was later named Henry Meoles Senior Comprehensive School.  
The Fourth School sited in Back Lane
The Sixth School Sited in Back Lane
The Fourth School - Wallasey Grammar School St George's Lane built 1854
The Sixth School - Wallasey Grammar School St George's Lane built 1911
The Village Brow...

As we leave Breck Road we pass another famous land mark of Wallasey, St Hillary's Brow. This is
one of the highest points in Wallasey today and had several notable buildings on it.  The Brow has
changed dramatically over the years.  At one time it was a very steep hill used only for horse and
cart and only wide enough to fit one down.  At the bottom of the hill stood an old inn known as the
"Sebastopol Inn".  It is believed that the inn is named after the victory in the Crimean War.  
St Hillarys Brow 1901
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