Footpath at the side of St Hilarys Church 2008
The Kirk Cottages 2008
Marymount School Photograph 1959
Marymount Convent & School, Mill Lane
An anomalie in the wall of St Hillary's Churchyard
A house in School Lane (Nelsons Gutter) now long gone

These are the Kirk cottages which
have been on this site for hundreds
of years. The present day buildings
are the second generation of
cottages built c1829 and were
previously owned by the famous
Molyneux family of Wirral.  

The cottages stand opposite
Earlston Library or the old Liscard
Manor House and have been
described as some of the oldest
residential dwellings in Wallasey.  
Additional Information

The footpath runs up the side of
St Hillary's and the old rectory and
has been the entry for worship for
hundreds of years.  
Additional Information

I have not managed to figure out
site of a former of a former
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