Margaret Boode was the daughter of Reverend Thomas Danneth the rector of Liverpool.  She was the widow of a West
Indian plantation owner, and took up residence in Mockbeggar Hall now known as Leasowe Castle in the year of 1802.  
Margaret Boode had a good reputation as a helper of shipwrecked sailors, many of whom were lured onto the
dangerous rocks in the area by wreckers.  In addition she was well known for other charity works and promoting
Christianity within the community.  Their large house provided an ideal place to aid such unfortunates, both in size and

On the 21st April 1826, Margaret Boode was carrying out her daily duties and travelling along Breck Road in a horse &
carriage.  For reasons unknown, the horse  shied and Margaret Boode was thrown from her carriage and killed instantly
aged 52 years.  

As a mark of respect a large Gothic style obelisk made from lime stone was erected some 25 years after in 1827.  At the
bottom of the monument an inscription read:

Near this spot
Mrs. Boode of Leasowe Castle was killed
By a fall from her pony carriage
April 21st 1826
May ye who pass by
Respect this memorial of an awful dispensation
And the affectionate tribute of an only child
To Perpetuate the clever mother's memory
Beyond the existence of that breast
Which will never cease to cherish it
Ah, may the sad remembrance which attachés to this spot
Impress on everyone this salutary warning
In the Midst of Life we are in Death
Erected in 1827, mother-in-law of Colonel Cust of Leasowe Castle.

The obelisk was moved in 1914 further down the road to make way for road widening of Breck Road.  It stayed there for
many years and was damaged by German bombers in WW2 during which it sustained shrapnel damage and the top of
the needle broke off and fell onto the floor.  Some time after, and for reasons unknown; the obelisk was removed and a
single plaque was placed on wall near by which is shown in the picture above and bears the following inscription:

"This memorial was erected in commemoration and to mark the place in Breck Road where Mrs BOODE of LEASOWE CASTLE
was killed by a fall from her pony carriage on 21st April 1826.  Due to road widening it was moved to this site in 1914".  

The legacy of the Boode family went on for many generations and her daughter married Queen Victoria's Master of
Colonel Edward Cust in 1821.  The memorial is rather difficult to find these days and is sitting on a wall
opposite the woodyard on Breck road.  It is generally hidden by foliage growing over it but every now and again it
seems to be trimmed back either by local authority or land owner, i do not know which.  

Google Earth co-ordinates

53 deg 24 min 47.23 sec N
3 deg 03 min 16.12 sec W
Boode Memorial - Breck Road