Askew Close                        Named after Captain Askew, founder of Egremont
Atherton Street                    James Atherton - Founder of New Brighton.
Ball Avenue                         George M Ball - Member of the Local Board.
Barnwell Avenue                Miss Barnwell - married Johua Mills, plumber, Seacombe.
Beaconsfield                       Lord Beaconsfield.
Beatrice Street                    Princess Beatrice.
Bellevue Road                    Named after Bellevue Gardens
Bridgecroft Road                Named after an old bridge which formally existed on that site
Brougham Road                Named after Brougham House which once stood there
Buxton Lane                        Named aftre Buxton House
Byerley Street                      Dr. Issac Byerley who lived where it is.
Carrington Road                After Lord Carrington a general In the Boar War.
Castle Road                        After 'Marsden's Castle' which once stood on the site.
Chamberlain Street           Named after Mr. Joseph Chamberlain.
Citrine Avenue                    After Lord Citrine, a former Wallasey resident and Labour candidate at the town's
                            first Parliamentery Election.
Churchill Grove                  Lord Randolph Churchill, father of Winston.
Claremount Road             After Claremount School
Coulborn Street.                Coulborn Brothers, original owners of the Wallsey Ferry.
Dalmorton Road                Named after Dalmorton House which once stood there.
Dean Avenue                      Mr Samuel Dean, member of ancient Wallasey Family.
Demesne Street                Named so because it ran through the land of Admiral Smoth of Poulton Manor
Egerton Grove                    Takes its name from Egerton Cottage
Ellis Street                           Mr John Ellis, killed in Canada, who built Concertina Cottages.
Fairview Avenue                 Where Fairview house stood,which belonged to the Joynson Family.
Fender Lane                       Took its named from the Fender brook
Field Road                           Taken from an old field called Old Field Hey    
Fowell Road                        The Rev. Richard Drake Fowell, first vicar of St. James New Brighton.
Gladstone Road                 The Rt. Hon. W.E. Gladstone.
Griffin Avenue                      After Canon Griffin, formally of the Church of the Sacred Heart, Moreton.
Harrison Drive                    The Harrison Family, benefactors to Wallasey by gifts of lands.
Holland Road                     Mr Charles Holland of Vale Park.
Hose Side Road                 An ancient road named after a farm.
Imperial Avenue                 derrives from the Imperial Soldiers  who took part in the Boar War
King Street                          Belived to be from Ellen King who previously owned the land
Kirkway                                Where an ancient chaple stood of which the foundations were discovered when
                            making the road .
Leopold Street                    Prince Leopold.
The Laund                           House of this name, now demolished, occupied by the Harrison Family  
Leaver Avenue                    First Lord Leaverhulme.
Littledale Road                   Mr Harold Littledale.
Littler's Terrace,                  Liscard Road An old Liscard family.
Longview Avenue               After Longview House.
Love Lane                            A very old lane with an old fashioned name.
Maddock Road                    Mrs. Maddock, Lady of the Manor of Liscard, daughter of Mr John Penkett.
Magazine Lane                   After the old magazines in that area
Mainwaring Road               The Mainwaring family of Shropshire and Denbighshire, who owned land thereabouts.
Manor Lane                         Which lead to Liscard Manor House
Manor Road                         Named after Liscard Manor House
Martin's Lane                      An old sea captain, who owned property in the vicinity.
Meadowcroft Road             Mr William Meadowcroft, who owned land in the area.
Melling Road                       Mr. John Jackson Melling
Mill Lane                               An old Mill which stood near Eric Road.
Molyneux Drive                    Molyneux family who lived on the estate now belonging to the Tower Company.
Monk Road                          Mr. Thomas Monk, constructor of the Great Float docks, Seacombe Ferry approaches in 1877.
Mosslands Drive                 Named after the old house known as Mosslands House
Mount Road                         Taken from the nearby house called "The Mount" later renamed Liscard Mount
Newell Road                       Son-in-law and partner of Mr. Thomas Monk
Newlands Drive.                 After Newland House, demolished.
Oarside Drive                      After Oarside House, demolished.
Penkett Road                      Mr John Penkitt, Lord of the Manor.
Pickering Road                   Mr. Pickering - lived at 'Montebello,' St. George's Mount.
Pottery Road                       Where potteries stood in the early days of Seacombe.
Rakers Field Road            Taken from the old football team of the same named who played in the Tower Grounds
Rappart Road                     Mr David Rappart who played a great part in the development of Wallasey between 1884 and             
Rocklands Road                An ancient highway to the shore.
Ross Tower Court              After Fred Ross of the Tower Tivoli Theatres
Rowson Street                    Mr. William Rowson, son-in-law and partner of Mr. James Atherton,
Sandcliffe Road                  Formally Jockey Lane - one of the ancient highways to the shore.
Seabank Road                   Taken from Seabank House in that area
Sea View Road                   Named from once being able to see the sea from the Hoseside end of the road
Steel Avenue                       After Richard Steel of Zig Zag Hall
Stonehouse Road              Named after an old house that used to stand tehre
Sudworth Road                   Named after Sudworth House
Sutton Road                         After an old Wallasey family.
Tobin Street                         Sir John Tobin, father-in-law to Mr. Harold Littledale.
Urmason Road                   A very old Liscard family.
Vaughan Road Mr.             Jeffrey Vaughan lived at Kirkdale Cottage (now demolished) at the foot of Vaughan Road.
Vienn Street                         Mr. Emmanuel Kopelzki, a native of Vienna, who had a big shop on the site of the present Marina      
Vyner Road                          Vyner family, big land owners in Wallasey, Bidston and Moreton.
Walmsley Street                  Mr. Joseph Warmsley, an old member of Wallasey Local Board.
Wheatland Lane                 Named after Wheatland House
Withensfield                         After Withensfield House, previously an old school
Woodland Drive                   After Woodland House
Wright Street                        After A.T. Wright of the Cheshire County Council
Zig Zag Road                      Taken from Zig Zag Hall