One of the best known landmarks of Wallasey was lost last century as the old Mariners home on
Seabank Road was demolished.  The building was built in 1880 by William Cliff who was a local ship
owner and merchant, whom according to the inscription, built the home in memory of his daughter Rosa
who had passed away.  The imposing building stood over 130 feet above the Mersey with its impressive
clock face on display from all four sides.  When the building was opened in 1882 its formal name was
The Roger Lyon Jones Park.

The original entrance t the building was via  a large gate from Maddock Road which was replaced 80
years later.  In 1925 Seabank House was sold off with its ground from the Penkett family to the
Trustees of the Mariners home.  With this new land the soon demolished the building and created a
new wing for the Mariners home.      

Many of the residents lived in small villas within the grounds of the home whom upon becoming a
widow, would transfer to the Andrew Gibson Home for seafaring widows which was next door.  The
villas were in the surrounding drives of Ismay, Cliff, Cunard and Webster which can all still be found
today, although the villas have long since been demolished.  There were of course several recordings of
ghosts within the building.  There is a story of one mariner falling from the clock tower after over turning
the mechanism which resulted in his death.  I have yet to confirm this but have read it in several
documents over the years.  

The Mariners home eventually closed down in 1977 and due to lack of interest in a property so large, it
was eventually demolished in the 1983.  
Egremont Mariners Home
The Grounds of the Mariners Home
The site of the Mariners Home Today (Photograph Copyright Peter Craine).
The Demolition of the Mariners Home in the 1980s
The Mariners Home 1960's