Seabank was a Georgian style 3 storey summer house built by Sir John Tobin of Liscard Hall.  The building sat off
Seabank Road and had great views across the River Mersey.  Its large palatial gardens ran right down to the
waters edge and was lined with many ornate trees and furnishings.  

The house was eventually passed to John Penkett who owned Liscard manor.  He had a great love for the house,
choosing to spend more time here than at his Manor House in Earlston Road.  He decided to rename the House  
"Liscard Manor House", despite there already being a Manor House in Earlston.

We cannot know for certain why John Penkett decided not to live in the Manor House.  I would assume it would be
a combination of reasons.  We know that Sea Bank had great views across the Mersey, and Mr Penkett was heavily
involved in Maritime activities.  Perhaps the allure of a grand house built by the affluent Sir John Tobin was reason in
its self.  All that we can be certain of is that with the changing of the name from Sea Bank to Liscard Manor House
can assume that Mr Penkett believed the house to be superior and to act as the Manor House for Liscard.  After the
death of John Penkett in 1838, his beloved daughter stayed as Lady of the Manor until her death in 1888.  
An etched Plate of Seabank House from around 1840