1        Mrs Cairns Clothes Shop
19        Baths / Public Toilets
2        Bainbridges Sweet Shop       
20        Harry Briscoes House
3        Unknown Shop    
21         Yatees
4        Job Thomas & Sons Grocers
22        Shellys Fashion
5        Barty Mills Sweet Shop
23        Cottages & Clinic
6        Rosy Brooks Dress Shop
24        Post Office
7        Moreton Picture House
25        Benny Bethels Butchers
8        Coopers Grocers
26        Stintchcombs Cotton
9        Irwins Grocers
27         Rudkins Green Grocer
10        Dewhursts Butchers
28        Brickley & Mail Chemist
11        Tripe Shop
29        Barbers
12        Wine Shop        
30        Laws Dairy
13         Fanny Birches Sweet Shop
31        Fish Shop
14        Laid Law Cake Shop
32        Farmers Arms
15        Barber Shop
33        Old Hall Farm
16        Postons Garage
34        Springfield, *, *, * Bungalows
17        House
35        Coach & Horses
18        Co Op Food Shop
36        Parkinsons Farm (yew tree)
Bainbridges Sweet shop I believe was somewhat famed by the locals around the cross.  They used
to make large homemade cakes with black current, pineapple and fresh apples.  I am told the cream
would ooze out down your hand.  The shop was well decorated with pink steps and you could see
into the kitchen to watch the making the delicious cakes inside.   Brookland House Farm stood on
Hoylake Road near Knutsford road.  The site was a working farm house for decades.  Like many
others the farmers moved on and the site was demolished to make way for new buildings.  The
Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church now stands on the site of Brookland House.  Next to Brocklad
Cottage.  Next to Brockland house, but before the Plough inn stood the old Smithy.  
The old
The Smithy stood on that site since 1841 but eventually closed its
door for the last time in 1953.  The site was demolished to make
way for a new economy “fuel”.  

Due to the increasing traffic in the Moreton area the Poston Brother
opened there garage.  The building still stands today, albeit with
some modern upgrades, a testament to old style architecture.  
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