Another famous place is Mary Ann's Lane now Old Maryland lane.  These were named after Mary
Annes cottage just between Pasture Road and Barnston Lane.  Mary Annes cottage was a set of
three cottages in one, and was demolished in 1932 for the widening of Pasture Road.  
Mary Annes Cottage
The mission hall which now stands behind the old site of Mary Anne’s
Cottages began construction a year after the cottage came down.  
The date stone can be clearly seen above the doorway.  It is now
known as Moreton Chapel (Evangelistic).
Mission Hall Date Stone
The site of Mary Annes cottages is today houses and at the
back is the Mission Hall however much of the old stone wall
which ran around it still stands today.  She can be seen in
the picture on the left.  Further information on street names
around Moreton can be found in the Street names section
The cross many years ago looked much different. The round about at Moreton cross was only
introduced in 1935.  It was a local council decision based upon the best way of accommodation
the ever increasing flow of traffic around the cross.  
The car park off Garden lane was once
a row of shops and terraced houses
which my great grandmother used to
live in. She would often recall how the
local minister and a spokesman from
the Salvation Army would stand on
each side of Garden Lane and try to
trying to shout over each other
resulting in arguments and squabbles.

From the legion you were able to cross
the styles over the road which would
then lead you across the open fields
to the corporation houses down at
The shops on Pasture Road, just opposite Silver Burn Avenue and around the cross, were a
hive of activity for the locals and alike.

The shops included a Drapers shop, Petersons Sweet Shop / Cafe, Tarrents Chip Shop, Evan
Roberts Butchers, Mrs Cairns Clothes Shop, followed by the now demolished terraced houses.
This of course is back in the 1930 to 60s, now they are everything from a Bargain Booze, to a
Kebab House.
Moreton Cross 1930's
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