The oldest farm building in Wirral is said to be Old Hall Farm, more recently known as Puvells
pig farm situated at 19 Barnston Lane.  The building dates back to 1719 which the date stone
above the door clearly shows.  Also on the date stone are the initial D.W.M standing for Daniel
and Mary Wilson.  Daniel Wilson was the son of Robert Wilson who lived at Bidston Hall.  Upon
the death of his father many property's were left to Daniel including a share of Bidston Mill.  
Over the years Old Hall changed hands many times and like many other farms around Moreton
it eventually ceased trading and became used as a commercial premises.

When it was sold for commercial use it under went a £250,000 refurbishment.  The barn at
that time was completely derelict, but has now been restored and is used as an office and
tool storage with split level mezzanine floor.  Luckily a great deal of the original features still
remain inside the house, despite it being used for commercial offices.  In early 2008 I learned
that the farm house and barn were back up for sale again and fearing that it may be changed
beyond recognition I grabbed my camera and took some snaps inside.
The diagram below shows the ground
floor plans of Old Hall Farm that i
sketched out whilst on site.
Living Room
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