Type 22 Pillbox

The great majority of Moretons static defences have been destroyed, a process that started even
before the end of the war. Ditches and trenches have been filled; loopholes repaired; wood and
metal re-cycled.  However the pillbox on the shore line overlooking the beach head and water
front remains mostly in tact and in relatively good condition.  The pillbox has been slightly
vandalised over the years and the entrace door has been filled in, but all of the original features
remain and are clearly visible.  

The type 22 pillbox is a regular hexagon in plan with an embrasure in five of the sides and an
entrance in the other. The embrasures are suitable for rifles or light machine guns. Some have a
was generally built to the bullet proof standard of 12 inches (30 cm) thick, although 'tank-gun
proof' versions with walls around 1 m thick were also built (e.g. the granite and concrete examples
on the Cowie Line in Kincardineshire). Internally there is a Y- or T- shaped anti-ricochet wall (the
top of the Y/T nearest the entrance), the internal wall also helps support the roof.  The type 22 is
the second most common pillbox type with 1209 recorded as being extant. It is easily confused
with the common type 24 which is an irregular hexagon and the less common octagonal.
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