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Evacuations after WWII bomb found
In 2007 houses had to be evacuated after a wartime shell was dug up outside a play group
in Maryland Lane, Moreton.  Although an exclusion zone was set up, the children at the
Moreton Methodist Church group next to where the shell was found were not evacuated.
Instead, they were kept inside as families waited for them outside the Moreton Arms pub.
Balfour Beattie workers discovered the World War II shell at just before 10.30am yesterday
as they were digging up gas pipes in Maryland Lane, Moreton, Wirral.  Workman Jerry Hough
found the bomb as he was using a mini digger.

He said: “I wasn’t sure what it was at first and thought it was a thermos flask.  I put it at
the side of the hole, but then a postman stopped and said he thought it looked like a bomb
so we phoned the police.”

The 25lb, 15in articulated shell was removed by the army’s bomb disposal squad, based in
Chester, and taken to Leasowe Common where it was blown up at 1.30pm.

Helen Owens of Carr Hey, Moreton, was waiting to collect her three-and-a-half year-old
daughter Ellie.
She said: “I was told the children had been evacuated to the pub, but when I got there I
was told they had been left in the church.  But it’s so close I didn’t think it was safe. If
people weren’t being allowed to drive down here why were the children kept in?”

Despite police cordons closing off Maryland Lane and parts of Pasture Road, many people
stayed inside the zone.

Ronald Garroch, 76, of Maryland Lane, said: “I wasn’t too worried really, I served in the war
in Korea so this was nothing.”

A police spokeswoman said no one was evacuated and people in the properties bordering
the road were told to stay at the back of their houses.

She said: “It was deemed safer for the children to stay in doors.”

Wirral Council said it had closed the library and one stop shop as a precaution, and Moreton
ambulance station has also been evacuated.
Left: The shell
destroyed under
conditions at
Moeton Common.