Mary Annes Lane was renamed Old Maryland Lane and was named after the old Moreton
resident 'Mary Anne'.  Mary Anne lived in a house which was three cottages that had been
renovated and made into one large building.  The house at one time had been white washed with
thick paint and my great aunt also seems to remember that the cottage may have had a thatched
roof in the early days.  Mary Annes house was situated in a small lane running between Chapel
Barnston Lane) and Station Road (now Pasture Road).  

Mary Ann was described a nice and pleasant lady but rather stern and short tempered in her
demolished in 1932 when Pasture Road was widened.  Brick built houses and Moreton Chapel
now occupy the old site although some of the remains of walls, bricks and stones still occupy  the
surrounding area.  I am looking for further information on Mary Anne and would be grateful to
receive any information or photographs that you may have.    
Mary Annes Lane in 1909, the cottage can just be made out on the left
Mary Anne who is just stepping through the door way on the far left.
The present day side of Mary Annes cottage.  Houses now stand on
the site and the remains of the foundations can be seen in the
grounds of Moreton Chapel behind.  Much of the stone walls around
the lane are still there.
The pictures above to the right shows present day Old Mary Annes Lane, taken facing towards Pasture Road.  The building at the bottom of the
road is where the left hand photograph was taken from in 1909.  Mary Anne is the lady in the white apron.
The picture shows present day
Moreton Chapel.  The date stone can
be seen above the door way showing
1933.  The first fountain stone was
laid for the Chapel a year after Mary
Annes cottage was demolished in
A snow covered photograph of Mary
Anne's Lane. Two young boys play
weather.  At the top of Mary Anne's
Lane, people would walk round the
corner to the top of Barnston lane
where it would frequently flood and
freeze up.  During these times the
locals would go ice skating and
sledging on the ice using tin trays.
house outlined in a red circle below.  
Note the large size of the plot of land
owned by the family at that time.  
Also it is interesting to note that her
lane is the main route onto Station
road (now Pasture road).  This shows
that the main flow of traffic has been
diverted over the years with the new
addition of Maryland Lane taking its
place leaving Old Maryland Lane a
faceless back alley.