Any of the older generation who lived in or around Moreton for a number of years will tell
you that much of the cross and the roads surrounding it were covered by farms. These
included Bunker Parkinsons Farm also known as Yew Tree farm on Barnston Lane,
Brasseys Farm and Hazlehursts Farm on Station Road, which is now Pasture Road, Ivy
which when frozen in the winter, would be used by the locals to go ice skating.  

By far the oldest of all is
Old Hall Farm, more recently known as Puvells pig farm in
Barnston Lane.  The building dates back to 1719 which the date stone clearly shows.  The
Farm was built for Daniel Wilson who was the son of Robert Wilson from
Bidston Hall.  
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Old Hall Farm
One famous building which has now gone, once
stood on the corner of Barnston Lane and garden
Lane.  It was a large luxurious house owned by
the well known Briscoe family.  Harry Briscoe was
extremely wealthy I believe i am led to believe.  

The Briscoe family moved on and sadly the house
was demolished to become the bowling green for
the Coach and horses.  

The bowling green served the Coach & Horses for
many years but eventually became obsolete and
was sold to make way for a car park for the local
shops and amenities.  
The Coach & Horses
As you may know many of the road names have also changed over the years. The start of
and previous to that it was known as Back Lane. Chadwick Street was once Park Road.  Dig
Lane was also formally known as Dog Lane and Danger Lane was Dangers Lane. Clap lane
once stood off station road by the farms but has long since disappeared.  

The development of the cross took many years to urbanise.  The cross roads are reputed to
date back to the 1600s however the surrounding area would have been much more
desolate.  Moreton cross used to harbour a large plantation surrounding by a stone wall.  
The plantation was used by the local police service to house strays cows and sheep.  
Gradually from 1910 to 1926 it was cleared of all trees, except one.  A Silver Birch which for
an urbanisation and building project to cope with the growing demand for housing in

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Moreton Plantation (click to enlarge)
Moreton Plantation (click to enlarge)
Moreton Plantation (click to enlarge)
Moreton Plantation (click to enlarge)
Old Hall Farm
A small lane with no name used
to run between Old Hall Farm
and the Farmers arms inn.  The
small cottages long since
demolished which was owned by
'old Ma Allen' and Mr Allen.  Iv
been told stories of Mr Allen
waving a shotgun around
shouting at people who
trespassed on their land during
the 60s.  

The other cottage saw a variety
of people who rented it.  One
such man was Mr Finigan, who
stepped off a moving train at
Leasowe whilst under the
influence of alcohol.  I'm told this
was either during the war or just
after it, upon his return home.  
The path and bungalows no
longer exists now and nor does
the road or gateway leading to
the land.
The Site of the House
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