The two pictures above show the old barn.  Looking at the construction of it, the barn looks to be older than the actual farm building.
The outside of the building
taken from where the old
lawn would be in the raised
position of the front
garden.  This is no longer
accessible due to high
metal gates which are
The outside of the building
taken from the rear of the
building.  IN more recent years
this was the pig farm.  It used
to be surrounded by large
metal rails where the pigs
were kept when Farmer Puvell
owned it.
The steps in the front
garden are now covered
by foliage.  I had to
remove some in order to
show these.  The steps
lead up to a raised area
which was the front lawn
at one time.  Now it is just
an overgrown mess of
brambles and weeds.
The remains of the old
garden wall which
separated the garden.
The front door.  This is still
the original door made from
heavy wood.  The old
decorative glass still sits
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