The cottage at the junction of Saughall Massie Road and Greasby Road has been known by many
names over the years including "Hall Hill Cottage, Rutter's Cottage and Toll Bar Cottage".  The cottage
was built circa 1820 from stone and was updated several times over the century most easily
recognisable is the new roof.  Between 1837 to 1841 the small cottage housed the village school which
at the time was also consisting of only a hand full of pupils.  The picturesque cottage stood on the
Birkenhead to West Kirby turnpike on the embankment not far from what is today the Horse & Jockey
Inn.  The two small windows in the picture were blocked up and painted over, according to several
sources this could have been to avoid whats was known as "Window Tax".  The cottage was pulled
down when the junction of Birkenhead - West Kirby was realigned.  The gate post which carried the
gate to the farm track leading to Hall Hill Meadow remained until it was pulled out in 2003 taking with it
the final piece of history.
Hall Hill or Toll Cottage