The Old Cottage
The Inscriptions in stone
Tam O Shanters Today
Additional Pictures:

The above picture shows the stone works created by Richard Leay .  The stone shows the scene from
the poem “Tam o’Shanter” by Robert Burns.  The poem goes, that Tam was riding home after a day at
market, after little the worse for drink.  The night was dark and stormy, and on the way he disturbed a
party of witches in the old haunted Kirk of Alloway.  The drunken Tam roared out “Weel done, Cutty
Sark” at the leader, and was thus chased by the witches.  Tam managed to get across a bridge and
the witches, who would not dare to cross running water, caught the horse’s tail. Tam escaped, but
“Poor Maggie” the horse lost her tail: