The Bidston Hogkback Stone

A local historian in the village of Bidston was clearing out garden rockery when he stumbled across
something of great interest.  As he cleaned up the stone it began to reveal strange markings the likes
of which he could not decipher.  

It was a miniature Viking hogback, a grave marker for an important person buried over 1000 years ago.
Local Archaeologist Jenny Warley helped decipher the hogbacks intricate carving and said:

"It could be just a small part of a composite group of materials set up to a very important viking in the
Village of Bidston or we are only looking at a very small part of the picture.  The association is a man here,
possibly trading at Meols, but he is wanting to make a statement that he belongs to the York elite Vikings
and that he is a very important man".

Another local historian Mark Olly added that Bidston still hasn't had the research that it deserves.  This
is indeed true as another house in Bidston village just opposite the church, has a Celtic head on the
rear wall.  No investigation has begun yet on this property and i am currently trying to get hold of a
picture of this stone head.  
The Viking Hogback Stone
Mark Olly & Jenny Warley
The Viking Hogback Stone
Mark Olly & Jenny Warley Examine the Stone