Bidston Hill has long since been the subject of much discussion and controversy.  Experts have found
evidence of witch craft and devil worshipping, and locals have for many generations have passed on
the stories and myths associated with the hill.  Some experts even believe that the hill was in use as
far back as pagan times where human sacrifices would have been made, however there is still no
evidence of this.

Movements in favour of public acquisition of Bidston Hill were made in 1883 and 1897, the latter being
in connection with Queen Victoria's jubilee; however, it was not until 1893 that the project was taken
in hand.  The Hill formed part of the estate of Mr
Robert Charles de Grey Vyner who conducted
negotiations in a handsome manner by taking the lowest of three valuations, making his own
contribution to the fund.

In 1907 steps were made to secure another portion of the Hill,  which was “on the market”.   It was
feared that the land might be used for building purposes.  The area in question was an area of 22
acres on the south-eastern slope of the Hill, known as the “Pine Woods”.   It was acquired as a
memorial to the late Mr Edmund Taylor whose hard work and influence made it all possible.  The cost
was £10,500 in 1907.

Other acquisitions were:
•        1893-94: the summit of the Hill – 24 acres £5,800
•        1897: A further portion of 38 acres £11,750
•        1900 Several smaller pieces, amounting to about  4 ½ acres £2,260

In all 88½ acres were acquired at a cost of £30,310 (1914). The corporation contributed £14,625 and
the rest was raised by public subscription, On 8 th December 1933, Mr Royden (Chairman of the Bidston
Hill Committee) considered the Rhododendron Gardens would be ‘a grand addition' to the Hill.

The first stop on our tour of Bidston Hill is the windmill, click page 2 to continue...

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The following information on
Bidston Hill covers the topics

  • Windmill
  • The Cockpit
  • 2 x Horse Carving
  • Man Carving
  • Sun & Moon God Carving
  • Foundation of mills
  • Toll Cottage
  • Dr Stoops Stone
  • Tad the Great Dane
  • The Old Water Fountain