The Cross Roads
This photograph was taken looking
down Saughall Road towards West
Kirby Road.  The inn has undergone
many changes over the past 150
years but remains the only public
house within the village.  
Ash Tree Barn
This old brick dwelling sits on West
Kirby road on the way into Saughall
Massey.  It was once a long barn
which served part of a small farm.  I
do not known if the name Ash Tree
is a relatively new one from given
by the occupier or if it is named from
the former farm.
Farm Buildings
This out building sits further up
Saughall Road on the way into the
village.  There is no clear
association with any other
dwellings but it certainly was used
as an building for one of the farms,
the most likely being Diamond Farm
given its position within the village.  
Unknown Dwelling
This dwelling sits on main road on
the way into Saughall Massey.  It
was at one time 3 houses which
have been amalgamated into one.  
The dwellings would have formed
part of a farm but the name remains

Some interesting information I do
know is that my Great Uncle Jack
Mutch, who served with the Desert
rats during WW2 had a friend who
used to live in this building.  His
name was Vince Jones and sadly he
reported missing in action in Crete
during the latter half of WW2.
Unknown Dwelling
This is another fine building within
Saughall Massey.  I have no
historical information on the house
but given its size and location
within the village it is easy to
assume that its former residents
were relatively wealthy and heavily
associated with farming within
Saughall Massey.    
The Cross Roads
Ash Tree Barn
Unknown Dwelling
Farm Buildings
Unknown Dwelling

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