The White House
I have no information on this
building but it must have been a
place of importance as it occupied a
prominent position within the village
on the corner of Saughall Road just
next to the Bridge.  It is known
throughout the village as the
"White House" and given its age
and size it would suggest that a
family of considerable wealth built
and occupied this dwelling.    
The White House
The photograph shows a side view
of the White House which has
undergone much refurbishment
over the years.  It is hard to date
the building due to its render and
refurbishment but the small
windows and unusual layout would
suggest late 19th century.   
The Elms
The Elms is a small cottage which
sits on Saughall Road on the way
through the village.  It is said to be
the oldest cottage in Saughall
Massey dating back to 1670.  The
house plate bears the initials S.G.A.
The S stands for Smith or Sefton
The G & A stand for George and
The Saughall Hotel
The inn sits on the corner of
Saughall and West Kirby Road
looking over all those who enter the
village.  The building was once a
large residence with the small bar
with a flat roof area added more
recently.   In addition the roof of he
main building has been upgraded to
a hipped roof where as the original
building had an apex on the front in
keeping with the other dwellings
around the village.
Diamond Farm
This is another view of Diamond
Farm.  The small diamond pattern
can just be made out on the right
hand barn sections of the dwelling.  
The date stone can be clearly seen
between the upper windows of the
main building "1728".    
The Elms
The White House
The White House
The Saughall Hotel
Diamond Farm

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