Saughall Massey Village
Ivy Farm 2008
Ivy Farm 1898
Ivy Cottage
Ivy Cottage was once part of Ivy Farm which stands on the main road through Saughall Massey village.  The cottage today is still covered in ivy and it manages to retain
much of its old character being the last thatched cottage in the Borough.  The date stone on the gable of the cottage bears the date "1690" and the initials "G.A.E".  
The initials stood for Arthur and Ellen Goodwin.

Interestingly my distant relatives used to live on this farm.  My great aunt was the niece of the owners of Ivy Farm; "Annie Mutch" and her husband who's Christian
name i do not know, but the surname was "Broster".  My great aunt recalls that she used to go there every weekend to visit her dads sister who was known as "Aunt
Annie".  The farm had many pigs and hens and the ground was very marshy and wet, especially around the well.  Many times they would get stuck in the muddy
surrounding area of the farm which i am told was an extensive amount of land.  Another thing she recalls about the farm was that the toilets were planks of wood with
holes in above buckets in the out house, this is something she says she will never forget.  

I am told there was some sort of accident on the farm during which Mr Broster rescued a boy from drowning on the land, unfortunately this somehow left Mr Broster
very for the rest of his life.  After the death of Mr Broster Annie continued to work the farm.  I believe her children were Ned, Joe and Maisy Broster.  The Broster family
still lives locally in the area on Prospect farm, just down the Road.     
Poplar Farm & Peacock Cottage
Poplar Farm is made from two adjoining buildings.  The first  is the old farm house, a lovely of building built from bright red brick with a stone base.  The small
cottage to the side still stand but is much less recognisable today as it has been rendered and thoroughly refurbished.  At one time Poplar farm occupied a
large space within the village and has a large variety of out buildings around it.  As a dedication the borough named the small road at the side of the house
"Poplar Close".  The close contains many lovely dwellings all in keeping with the surroundings.  

At the back of the main house is a small cottage once owned by the PEacock family.  The cottage was built from locally quarried stone but today has been
refurbished into a modern dwelling inside.  The date stone shows the date 1714 and bears the initials
P.S.I.J - (P=Peacock, S=Saughall, I.J John & Jane)
Poplar Farm Stables
Polar Farm
Poplar Farm
Poplar Farm
Diamond Farm
Diamond Farm
Diamond  Farm
The farm still dominates the road on the way into the village from Moreton.  Its imposing stature guards the entrance to Saughall Massey and has done since
1728.  The house plate bears the initials H.T.E which stands for Thomas & Elizabeth Harrison.  The name of the farm is said to derive from the three diamond
patterns in the gable end of the wall.  However as the photograph shows above the patterns have long since work away and no mark has been left to show
how it would have looked.  As you can see from comparing the two photographs above the 2nd story has been removed from the building so as to create more
space.  The barn to the side of the main building also still stands but far different that it was with the large barn doors being removed and the entrance bricked
Prospect Farm
Prospect Farm
Prospect Farm
The elongated farm above is known in the village as prospect farm and bears the date stone of 1539 making it easily the oldest building which survives within
Saughall Massey.  As can be seen in the pictures above the original farm building on the left had its roof raised meet the roof on the right hand side.  The
house is home to the Broster family who are distant relations of mine from Ivy Farm.  They are the 6th generation of the Brosters to live in this building and an
integral part of the history of Saughall Massey.  At the back of prospect farm was a large old dwelling which upon demolition was found to contain a large Vat.  
This gives credit to the rumour that the old building was once the village inn.  In front of Prospect Farm stood another of building called "Salisbury Cottage".  
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