Salisbury Cottage
This was a small cottage which
looks to have been 2 dwellings
extended into one.  From the
photograph the cottage looks
around 2 - 300 years old.  The
cottage was clearly a separate
building with its thatched roof which
then adjoins a small dwelling with
slate tiles.  The cottage stood at
the side of the Saughall Inn just in
front of Prospect farm where a small
electricity sub station now sits.   

Salisbury Cottage
The White Cottages
Stanley Cottage
Saughall Massey Farm
Horse & Trap
The White Cottages
I have not been able to find any
information on these dwellings
other than they were known locally
as the White Cottages and were
demolished in the early 20th
Stanley Cottage
This lovely old cottage looks to have
been at least 200 years old in this
photograph.  The cottage must
have been built from wattle and
daub with a superbly thatched roof.
 Stanley cottage was demolished
many years ago but it was believed
to have stood on the corner of
Garden Hey road opposite Diamond
Farm.  Today the site is occupied by
several modern houses showing no
detail that Salisbury cottage once
stood there.  
Saughall Massey Farm
I have researched into this building
but as yet have not been able to
discover much.  I am unable to
locate where abouts it used to be
however i believed it to be one of
the 3 main farms that use to sit
within the village and as such it
would have occupied a prominent
position within the village most
likely just off the main road to allow
easy access.  
Horse & Trap
The picture below shows the bend
of Saughall Road within the village.  
The date is unclear but looks to be
the end of the 19th century.  Horse
& cart would have been regular site
within the village as most of its
residents were farmers or
agricultural related trades.  The
building in the background looks to
be the "White House" which still
stands today.  The building on the
left looks to be the Saughall Inn
before considerable refurbishment
took place.

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