The old Prenton Waterworks was situated opposite the junction of Waterpark Road and
Prenton Hall Road.  The central building was a massive
Victorian structure which housed
the pumping engines at what was known as the Prenton
"Borehole".   The West section of
the building ran almost up to the boundary wall on Prenton Dell Road.  The other end of
the building ran just short of the cottages rear gardens today.  The noise from the works
was at times described as immense as the coal fired Lancashire boilers, boiled hot oil and
plumes of smoke poured form inside.  The main noise was caused by a massive flywheel
revolving within the internal components of the machinery.  

Eventually the coal driven system became obsolete and it was announced that the system
would be replaced with electric pumps in the early 1970's.  Shortly after, the updating
project began.  The main building was demolished in the early 1970's using large amounts
of explosive to break up the foundations.  Then  new electric pumps were fitted housed in
the industrial sheds which are still now on the site.  After the main building was demolished
the land was cleared and a large block of council flats were built in its place.  

The old site also housed several cottages in which some of the waterworks staff lived.  
Today one these cottages still survives and is named
Spring water cottage.
Prenton Waterworks
Additional Pictures:
The Council flats which now sit in the pumps place
One of the Two Cottages still surviving
The Sign from the 1st Cottage
The Sign from the 2nd Cottage