Prenton Old Hall
Prenton Hall 2008
The Old Hall to which Webb refers to
inhis expedition of the Wirral is Prenton
Old Hall which originally stood in a
sheltered dingle, surrounded by trees
of extreme height.  

When the hall was created, it was
built from magnificent sand stone and
has walls and foundations several feet
thick in places.  

The hall was eventually abandoned by
its lords, it subsequently fell into
disrepair and is now part of a an large
farm house with much of its original
build still remaining situated on
Prenton Dell Road at the corner of
Prenton Dell Avenue.

The Map to the right shows Prenton
Hall and its surroundings in 1836.
Note the large amounts of
outbuildings around it and the large
pool of water at the rear.  You can
also see Lower Farm in Plot 15.
Prenton Hall & Lower Farm Map in 1836