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Wirral had the first commercial hovercraft service in Great Britain which operated from Moreton in 1962.

Thomas Henry Ismay the founder of the White Star Line which built the Titanic, lived and died on the

William of Orange launched his main task force to attack Ireland from the Wirral ports of
Hoylake and

Wirral is said to be the site of the bloodiest battle ever fought Britain.  It is reputed to have taken place
in around the Bebbington and Brombrough area, it was known as the battle of

The first shot of WW1 was fired from the Wirral.  It was shot from one of the guns on
Fort Perch Rock
as a warning across the bow of a Norwegian vessel just 30 minutes after war had been declared.  The
officer in charge of the Fort was Major Charles John Luya. (1870 - 1933). He was a dental surgeon from
Wallasey, who had joined the Territorial Army and risen to the rank of Major.

Birkenhead Park was the first municipal park open to the public in the United Kingdom.  The park was
so much of a success that Central Park in New York was based upon its design.  

Philip John Denton Toosey, (12 August 1904 – 22 December 1975) was the senior Allied officer
in the Japanese prisoner of war camp at Tamarkan in Thailand during World War II. The men at this
camp built the Bridge on the River Kwai.  His character was immortalised by Alec Guinness in the film.  

The legend of Canute holding back the sea was said to have taken place at Moreton in Wirral.  A
Canute Chair was present there up until the 1950s.

Wirral has the highest amount of Grade 2 listed buildings outside of London.

The tidal activity research for the D Day landings were taken from Bidston

The first commando raid was carried out at Zeebrugge by the Iris and Daffodil, of the Wallasey ferries in

Wallasey Ferry Service was the first in the world to have Radar.  

The Waltons from Wallasey were Britains first Sextuplets to survive.

The New Brighton palace was the first indoor amusement arcade in the country.  

Wallaseys life boat the Duke of Northumberland, was the worlds first Steam Jet Lifeboat.  

Mary Elizabeth Williams of Moreton, was the first female lighthouse keeper in Britain.  

The mole was used to bore the Wallasey tunnel was the first to be used in Britain.  

The New Brighton
Tower was the highest building in Britain at the time, standing at 621 feet high.

New Brighton
Swimming Baths was the largest aquatic stadium in the world and also the largest open
air pool in Europe.

New Brighton Tower Ballroom stage was the largest in the world at 3240 feet.

Wirral has the longest Promenade in Britain.

Lighthouse built in 1763, is the oldest surviving lighthouse in Britain.
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