1275 & 1277 Edward I visited the Priory
1330 Edward III granted the Priors and their successors forever the right to ferry over the Mersey
1536 Circa The Priory closed
1544 Priory lands and ferry purchased by Ralph Worsley
1572 Worsley died, the lands and ferry passed to the Powell family
1643 Cavalier troops, ‘Kept a guard about Berket wood’
1644 Cavalier troops, ‘possessed themselves of Berkett in Worrall’
1713 Priory lands and ferry bought by John Cleveland, a merchant of Liverpool
1716 Cleveland died, lands and ferry passed to the Price family
1762 Six-horsed coach ran between Woodside Ferry, Parkgate and Chester
1790 Embankment built across Tranmere Pool to carry Chester Road into Birkenhead
1801 Population: Birkenhead 110 Tranmere 353 Oxton 137 Claughton 67
1810 Population: Birkenhead 105 Tranmere 474 Oxton 128 Claughton 88
1815 Small steamboat appeared in the Mersey
1817 Tranmere Ferry ran the first steam ferry boat
1820 Birkenhead Ferry started a steam boat service (This ferry closed in 1870)
1821 St. Mary’s Church opened
1821 Population: Birkenhead 200 Tranmere 825 Oxton 169 Claughton 119
1822 Steamboats on the Woodside Ferry Service
1824 William Laird set up his shipyard on Wallasey Pool
1826 A second shipyard, with patent slip, opened on Wallasey Pool
1829 Lairds built their first iron vessel
1831 Population: Birkenhead 2,569 Tranmere 1,168 Oxton 234 Claughton 224
1833 Act passed for appointment of ‘Commissioners for the Improvement of Birkenhead’
1833 Lairds built their first paddle steamer
1834 Woodside Royal Mail Ferry Hotel built
1838 Monks’ Ferry started (This ferry closed in 1878)
1840 William Jackson’s as Works set up
1840 Birkenhead – Chester Railway opened
1841 Population: Birkenhead 8,223 Tranmere 2,554 Oxton 546 Claughton 240
1842 Woodside Ferry purchased b the Birkenhead Commissioners
1843 Spring Hill water works opened
1843 Old Hall demolished
1844 Foundation stone of Docks laid
1844 Railway Tunnel to Monks’ Ferry constructed
1845 Market opened
1847 First Docks opened
1847 Birkenhead Park opened
1851 Population: Birkenhead 24,86 Tranmere 6,519 Oxton 2,007 Claughton 714
1853-1856 Gaving Docks between Woodside and Monks Ferry constructed
1853-1856 Lairds’ yard set up on river front
1854 Great Western Railway opened through route from Birkenhead to London
1858 Birkenhead Docks transferred to Mersey Docks and Harbour Board
1858 Lairds built their first steel ship
1860 Street Tramway started
1861 Birkenhead with Claughton, Oxton, Tranmere and Rock Ferry became a Parliamentary Borough
1861 Population: Birkenhead 35,929 Tranmere 9,918 Oxton 2,670 Claughton 1,584
1863 General Hospital opened
1864 Public Library in Hamilton Street opened
1866 Birkenhead – Hoylake Railway opened
1866 Alfred Dock opened
1871 Population: Birkenhead 42,997 Tranmere 16,143 Oxton 2,610 Claughton 2,437
1877 Charter of Incorporation granted, Birkenhead became a County Borough
1877 Wallasey Dock opened
1878 Railway extended to Woodside
1881 Population: 84,006
1881 Thurstaton Common acquired by the Corporation
1883 Children’s Hospital opened
1885 Mersey park opened
1886 Mersey Railway Tunnel completed (electrified 1903)
1887 Town Hall opened (serious fire occurred 1901, Dome and Tower rebuilt)
1891 Population: 99,857
1893 School Board appointed
1896 Electricity Generating Station opened
1900 Livingstone Street Baths opened
1901 Population: 110,915
1901 Electric Tram Service commenced
1902 Education Committee took the place of the School Board
1903 Hamilton Square Gardens acquired by the Corporation
1907 G.P.O. Argyle Street opened
1909 Vittoria Dock constructed
1911 Population: 130,794
1913 Tranmere Infirmary opened
1918 Birkenhead Parliamentary constituency divided into two divisions
1919 First Motor Bus service commenced
1921 Population: 147,577
1921 Alwen Water Scheme completed (commenced 1911)
1922 New Ferry cross-river service closed
1925 Works on the Mersey Tunnel commenced
1927 Arrowe Park purchased by the Corporation
1928 Borough boundaries extended to include Thingwall, Landican, Prenton and part of Bidston
1928 Williamson Art Gallery and Museum opened
1931 Population: 147,946
1933 Borough boundaries extended to take in Noctorum, Woodchurch and parts of Arrowe, Bidston and Upton
1933 Byrne avenue Baths opened
1933 Bidston Docks opened for traffic
1934 Queensway opened
1934 Central Library opened
1937 Last electric tram route closed
1938 s.s. Mauritania launched
1939 Rock Ferry cross-river service closed
1945 Hamilton square illuminated ad immense crowds in the square for Victory celebrations
1947 Number of houses 34,020 (estimated)
1948 Population: 132,000 (approx.)
1948 Area: 8,958 acres
1948 The foundation stone laid of the Electricity Power Station, Bromborough
1950 The foundation stone laid of Birkenhead Technical College by H.M. The Queen
1951 Population: 142,392
1953 The new Police Headquarters opened
1955 The Technical College opened
1960 Tranmere Oil Terminal established
1961 Population: 141,683
1967 Work began on Mersey Tunnel Approaches Scheme
1967 Woodside Station closed
1969 Official Opening of the Mersey Tunnel Approaches Scheme
1970 St. Mary’s Church demolished
1971 Population: 137,738
1971 Quarter Sessions terminated by Courts Act
1973 The Official opening of the new Fire Station
1974 Birkenhead became part of the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral
1978 The extension of the Mersey Railway opened by H.M. Queen Elizabeth II
1982 Arrowe Park Hospital opened
1986 Merseyside County Council abolished
1986 Police now part of the Merseyside Police Authority.
1986 Fire Services now known as Merseyside Fire and Civil Defence Authority