The Ancient Yew Tree of Eastham

The grounds of St Marys church contain an ancient Yew Tree.  It is said to be over 1500 years old
and there is possible interest of it appearing in the Guinness book of records.  Many people have
tried to destroy this tree over the years and as a result the base has bee fenced off with railings.  

The ancient tree has a plaque next to it which reads as follows:

"When in 1152 the abbot and monks of St Werburgh received the manor of Eastham at the hand of Earl
Randall of Chester, the villagers of Eastham; entreated the new owners 'to have a care of ye olde yew' .

In 1898 members of the royal archaeological society when visiting the village expressed the opinion that
the yew may have been planted originally against the east end of the timber framed wattle and daub
chapel which was in being before the Norman conquest.  Exact age unknown possibly 1500 years".  
Yew Tree Plaque
The Yew Tree
Additional Photographs