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St Marys Church School which recently closed down.
Another photograph of St Marys Church School.
The old bell which still sits on the gable of St Marys school just hidden behind the trees
in the photograph above.
A long building which now serves as a tea room.  This building was formally a coffin
makers for the old village.
This old dwelling appears on many old photographs, today it is a cake shop but the
ancient clock still sits on the wall in the same place.
Holly Cottage, a great example of architecture within the village.
A quaint dwelling known as Yew Tree Cottage.
Eastham House Lodge, a great building which was formally the old post office for the
entire village.
A section of dwellings known as "The Green".
Eastham House, a very large building on the way into the village.  This proud house has
now been turned into flats.
A small dwelling known as Laurel Cottage.
A small dwelling known as Sandstone Cottage.
A small dwelling known as Grimiston House.
This old building used to be the village library.  
Today it is used by the Jehovah's Witnesses.