During Bebingtons more wealthy period in the 19th century, a number of houses and villas were erected
by Merchants of the surrounding areas.  The following list shows the main properties and their owners:
Building Name                       Owner

Stanton                                  J.Harding
Abbots Grange                       C.E.Eaton
The Acres                               T.Urmson
Oaklands                                G.P Forwood
Edgeworth                              Mrs Dod
Fox Covers                             R.B.Moore
Laurel Bank                            Clarke Aspinall (Coroner of Liverpool)
Pennant House                      Mayers
Richmond Hill                          F. J Preston
Mount Allars                           E.Evans
Pool Bank                               Mrs Banner
Mersey Bank                          J. Clarke
Scot Villa                                J.W Macfie  
Oaklawn                                J.H Hubback
The Park                                Dr Main
Ravenscraig                           J.C Sinclair
The Hall (formerly rectory)     Mrs Feilden                
Bebbingtons Merchant Housing List