Bebbington Old Hall
Bebington Hall stood at the junction of Heath Road.  It was the home of Bebingtons rector, Canon
Fielden, during the 19th century.   The first occupant was Robert Moseley Fielden followed by George
Fielden and subsequently Canon.  The last rectory was built in 1880 and made a fine addition to the
rectory for St Andrews church.  

In 1897 the road through the village was widened, and during the excavations close to the boundary
wall of the hall a large amount of carved stonework was unearthed.  On close examination the
stonework dated back to approximately 1340.   It was surmised that a Grange stood on the site where
members of the
Collegiate Church lived.  The building was surrounded on all sides by a large stone
wall, the stone was said to have been quarried from Storeton.  There has been long standing rumours
that a tunnel lead from Bebbington Hall to St Andrews church.  However during the excavation and the
demolition of the site no tunnels were ever found.   

The hall was eventually pulled down in the 1950’s like so many other parts of our heritage.  The site on
which the Old Bebington Hall once stood is now just the clear grass bank that leads up to the new
town hall.  A sad memory lost in time that only photographs can now remind us of.