Needwood Farm
The picture above shows Needwood Farm.  It was an old farm building hat stood at the site of the 7th
tee on what is now Brackenwood Golf Course.  The house like so many others was built from stone
quarried at Storeton.  The building dates back to around 1865 and was owned by Lord Leverhulme.  
Previous information shows that before Needwood farm was built, an old inn stood on this site known
locally as
“The Needles”, perhaps named from the many sharp needle trees that grew wild locally
around that area.  The farm building was demolished in the 1970s by Wirral Borough Council and the
land was added to Brackenwood golf course.  The pictures below show Brackenwood Golf Course in the
early days.
Old golf club in Bebbington
Golf Club
Old golf club in Bebbington
There also used to be an old golf club in Bebington at the early part of the 20th century.  It was
situated just behind Christchurch in Higher Bebington but closed down in 1929 due to lack of funds I
believe.  The golf course spanned from Town Lane to Kings Lane but is now covered with local

The plane below was not an uncommon site in Bebington during the 1920 / 30s when Cobhams
Circus used to visit and pitch up on the fields at the back of the oval.  The plane in the picture was
owned by the North British Aviation Company in 1918 who were based at Hooton Park.  For a fee of
5/- per flight, Captain William McKay would take a passenger up into the skies in his AVRO 504k.  
Unfortunately Captain McKay was killed during an accident at a flying display in 1934.  The picture
below shows WIlliam McKay and an AVRO 504k.
WIlliam McKay and an AVRO 504k.