Barnston Towers

This intriguing tower may
look like old defensive
battlements however they
are merely elaborately
decorated gate houses from
the mid 19th century.
Barnston Towers was built in
1852 based upon an earlier
building which was built from
a circular brick castellated
design and associated with a
house and stables. Two
were originally constructed
as part of the design
however one has previously
been demolished.  

I have been told that there
is a maritime connection with
these towers but i have not
yet been able to discover
how.  It may be that the
owners were once
merchants who made their
money importing goods, or it
may simply be that their
owner was a pilot or captain.
 I am looking for more
information on these towers,
if you think you have some
further info please contact
me at:
Barnston Towers
Barnston Towers
Barnston Towers
Barnston Towers Map 1910
taken in the Summer of