Willaston Old Hall

The old hall at Willaston is an Elizabethan (1558–1603) brick building consisting of three stories with
three projected bays on the front with triple windows and terminating gables.  In the centre bay area
is a large porch.  In 1889 there was a small chapel inside the hall situated on the first floor.  The chapel
has a large fire place over which was decorated the coat of arms for the Bennet family together with
the date of 1558.  The Bennet family occupied the hall for several centuries having been built by a
family member the Earl of Oxford who paid for the construction of this grand old building.  After
centuries of domestic use the hall was eventually modified and used as an large farm where it
continued to be used for decades.  

In 1909 Harold Edgar Young writes:
"What an auspicious date to erect their dwelling, for in 1558 that magnanimous and prudent lady Queen
Elizabeth succeeded to the throne of England and was crowned the near year.  So that within these walls
the Bennets would whisper the news of the murder of Darnley and the execution of the queen of Scots.  

Again these walls would echo to the shouts of joy when the news of the defeat of the great Spanish Armada
came and spread like wildfire.  Such houses as this are national treasures and bring vividly before the
imagination the historical scenes and interesting periods through which they have stood."   

Today the hall is fully maintained and appears to have changed very little externally.  The building is
surrounded by a high wall as it has been for over the past century and is now private property and
should be afforded all the rights of a private dwelling.  
Present day hall entrance
An old doorway to the hall out buildings