Penny Bridge Poulton

Todays maps refer to this location as Poulton Bridge, however its full name was the Half Penny Bridge.  In 1843 a small wooden
bridge was built across the water ways where todays bridge still stands.  It stern construction allowed free moving traffic above
it but at the same time had a mechanism to allow it to open for maritime vessels to pass through.  The fee to cross the bridge
was a Half Penny, which is where the name derives from.  The picture above shows the bridge in the early 1900s with the toll
house in the right hand side of the image.  With the boom in industry during the early 1900s the area around the bridge was
bought out by the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board who transformed the area into a large dock area which we see today.  By
doing this the pool was significantly reduced in size and the waters edge and flow was tamed heavily.  Over the years the dock
area has seen many developments and much money invested in it, including some future proposed works by peel holdings
which should transform the face of Wirrals docklands beyond recognition over the next 50 years.   
Half Penny Bridge