There has been a windmill recorded in the village of Saughall Massey as far back as 1580,
although it is likely that there has been one far before that.  The famous Vyner family of Wirral
were one of the owners of the mill which gradually passed into several different families.  
Finally the building began to become run down and dilapidated until the last miller Richard
Hale closed the doors for the last time, when the mill was demolished in 1871.  None of the
original structure now exists but it is safe to presume that the foundations now lye under the
many houses thrown up over the past 50 years.
16th Century Windmill
16th Century Windmill
This was a most remarkable
structure, built of wood with strong
oak beams and gaunt, primitive sails
standing on a rough base of stone,
with a large wheel on the ground for
turning the mill round. The mill stood
entirely by itself, a little way from the
edge of the Bidston Moss but a full
mile away from the village of
Saughall Massie.  

The old mill in the village had a rather
tainted reputation and its past was
notorious throughout the Borough.  
The mill was part of a close network
used by smugglers as a place to hide
their contraband.  During the night
secret meetings would take place
inside the mill under faint lantern
light while the gangs discussed their
Smugglers move goods under cover of night
The mill was reputed to be an eerie place after nightfall and ravens were said to have taken
nest in the rafters of the roof adding to its reputation.  With a combination of strange lights
and sounds coming from the mill in the middle of the night it was soon reputed to be  
haunted, and the locals would try to avoid the mill after dusk not from fear of disturbing the
smugglers but from fear of stumbling into a ghost