The Hundred of Wirral  by Philip Sulley
A Perambulation of the Hundred of Wirral by Henry Young
The Search for Old Wirral by David Randall
A History of Wirral by Stephen J Roberts
The History of the Hundred of Wirral by J.Mortimer
Old Bebbington by Dave Mitchleson
A Wirral Album by The Heswall Society
Burton in Wirral by the Burton History Society
The Story of Greasby by John Williams
Birkenhead Yesterday & Today by W.R.S McIntyre
Up Our Lobby by Bill Houldin
Almost an Island, the Story of Wallasey by Noel E Smith
Medical Matters in Victorian Wallasey by Dr Richard Smyre
Neston & Parkgate by Jeffrey Pearson
150 Years of Mostyn School by Geoffrey W.Place
Looking Back at Maritime Wirral by Pat O'Brien
Birkenhead in Times Past by Carol E.Bidston
Moreton Wirral by Frank Biddle & Alan Fellowes
Yesterdays Wirral by Ian & Marilyn Boumphrey
The Story of Arrowe & Pensby by Greg Dawson
Pictures from the Past by Derek & Marian Young
The Spire is Rising by Dorothy M Harden
The Parish of Eastham by Isabel Tobin
Old Irby by D.M Young
Across the Fields of Wirral by Andrew Blair
Wyrale by Greg Dawson
Picturesque Wirral by Henry Young & Sons
The Storeton Tramway by R.C Jermy
The Wirral by Alan Brack
The Forgotten Shores by Maurice Hope
Street Names of Wirral by Steve Horton
The Wirral Peninsula by Norman Ellison
Sidelights on Tranmere by J.E Allison
The Wirral Journal by Kenneth Burnley
Sandstone & Mortar by Noel E SMith
The Wirral Home Guard by Harrold Jager
Landmarks of Old Wallasey Village by Thomas Westcott
Bromborough in Times Past by J.Suker
Wallasey at War by the Wallasey History Society
Wirral Bits & Bobs by Greg Dawson
Twixt Mersey and Dee by Hilda Gamlin

The following websites were used as references when researching for this website:

Professor Steve Harding's Website
Upton Website
Greasby Website
RAF West Kirby
Mike Roydens History Website
Carls Cam
Liverpool Museum
Wirrals Tithe Maps
Church Plans Online
Lost Heritage
Bidston Preservation Trust
Friends Of Bidston Hill
Friends Of Hilbre
Friends Of Storeton Woods
Heswall Society
Irby, Thurstaston & Pensby Amenity Society
Neston Civic Society
Oxton Society
Wirral Footpaths and Open Spaces Preservation Society