Sawyers Cottage

This photograph shows Sawyers cottage which
dates back to the early 1700's.  Despite its size
it was originally run as  public house called the
Sawyers Arms"until it closed its doors in
1905 to become a private dwelling.  

The name
Sawyer derives from the first
landlord of the building who was a Mr Richard
Bartley.  His occupation was a Sawyer which is
similar to a carpenter, in that a sawer has the
tools & knowledge to accurately saw wood,
and especially , make veneers of all kinds for
use by furniture & cabinet makers.  

The house has a brick vaulted cellar above
ground which was used to keep the beer cool.  
The old house looks to have retained lots of its
original features including the  full roof
structure and sash windows.  The house was
at one time part of a group of three which
were known locally as
Pengwern Place.  
Sawyers Cottage
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