Nelsons Cottage

This photograph shows Nelsons Cottage in Station road.  The name does not derive from the Admiral called Nelson but
from a local resident and young boy.  Albin Burt was a resident of Chester who specialised in miniature paintings for the
wealthy and gentry.  He used the small cottage in Parkgate as a holiday home or weekend home often visiting with his
family where they would spend time seabathing in the fashionable resort.  In 1822 Albin and his son Nelson were
returning home from a job in Liverpool on board the paddle steamer The Prince Regent.  Before they could reach the
docks at Ellesemere Port the vessel was caught in a terrible storm, during which nine people were swept overboard;
sadly Nelson was one of them.  His body was never recovered and the family mourned for many years.  After returning to
Parkgate his father collected some black pebbles from the beach and placed them outside the front door of his cottage
as a memorial.  In 1923 they were set in concrete to preserve them, where they still sit today.
Nelsons Cottage
The Stone Work
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