Holywell House

Burried beneath this large villa is the remains of Holywell House.  The building was built in 1863 and was named after
Holywell in North Wales just across the River Dee.  It is likely that its designer or constructor was Welsh and moved
across the river to life in the village of Parkgate.  The building served as a typical Victorian home for decades.  It was  
actually purpose built as two separate dwellings and consisted of strong red bricks set in large open grounds.  The
building was demolished and two luxury villas were built in its place.  In the spring of 1918 following the end of World
War 1 the houses were knocked through and served as one large hotel operating under the name of the
 In the late 20th century this building was broken up into a number of flats.  
Holywell House
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