The Parkgate Hotel

This photograph shows the present day site of the old Park Gate Hotel.  In 1860 a large villa was constructed by Joseph
Rich, he aptly named it Richville.  Sadly within three Joseph was bankrupt and the house was bought by somebody else.  
In 1918 the villa was used as a girls school to educate the young females in the village.  The school was called Leighton
Girls School and operated here until the outbreak of World War 2 in 1939, at which time it was requisitioned by the army.
 After the war the building was turned into a large inn and traded as the Park Gate Hotel until 1999 when the area was
redeveloped.  The buildingw as heavily refurbished and in the year 2000 these new houses were constructed all around
its site.  I am currently looking for old photographs of the Parkgate Hotel as it was.  If anybody has some that they would
like to upload, or allow me to scan, please e mail me at the following address:
The Parkgate Hotel
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