Dover Cottage

This photograph shows Dover Cottage in Station road.  The house is reputed to be of historic interest as it is recorded as
the house where Emma Lyon lodged in 1784 when she visited Parkgate for seabathing.  The house was owned by Mrs
Downward at the time, she would often take in lodgers during the summer months for additional revenue whilst her
husband was at sea.  After a long and interesting life Emma Lyon became the renowned Lady Hamilton, long time lover
of Admiral Nelson.  An extract from Lady Hamilton's letters describe in brief her visit to Parkgate:

"The sea water has done me so much good.  I have drunk a tumbler glass every morning, walked half an hour, then
bathed and breakfasted.  I have applied seaweed to my knees and elbows every night going to bed, and wash them
twice a day in sea water".  

Lady Hamilton had visited Parkgate after an ongoing skin complaint had gotten worse.  It was common place in the 18th
and 19th century for doctors to recommend sea air and sea water to cure various afflictions and diseases.  
Unfortunately, most of the time this did more harm than good and would often finish off patients with pneumonia.  
Portrait of Lady Hamilton
Dover Cottage
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