The building known locally as Normanston, towers over the centre of Oxton village keeping watch
on its ever busying centre.  The building dates back to the early 1800s as can be seen by its
splendid architecture.  The building has been used for many purposes, most recently as a set of
flats.  Looking back on its history it is clear that the turrets of the building do not serve any
purpose, they are just perhaps a childhood dream of the architect.  In the early 1900s the building
was still being used as a school for local children.  The owners of the school were two local sisters,
who also ran another school in Bidston road.  They would take it in turns to teach at the schools  
and alternate the teaching patterns between them.   Previous to this Normanston School was
located at the corner of Balls road and Slatey road where the flats are now.  At the time it was
known as Claughton College for young ladies.  
|Side Elevation
Front Elevation
Corner Turret (grade 2 listed building)
Looking up at the building
Entrance Gatehouse (grade 2 listed)