Oxton Old Hall seems such a grand name for such a small house, and yet it is the clost thing
Oxton has to a manor house.  The house dates back to the 1660s during the reign of Charles II,
making it the oldest building in Oxton village.  The house stands on a cross roads on the out skirts
of the village centre.  In 2007, thanks to the owners; the house was opened for the first time ever
to the public as part of the Oxton secret gardens walk.  The original Oxton manor house has been
long since destroyed and even in 1857 Mortimer writes that the manor house has fallen into
disrepair and disappeared a long time ago.  We can only speculate why this happened, and i do
not believe that their is any surviving evidence as to where abouts the old manor house was.  All
that we can say it that Oxton Old Hall, despite its size, is the oldest surviving house that could be
classed as a manor house in the village of Oxton.  

Apologies for the blurriness of the image, i will post a new picture as soon as i take one.
Oxton Old Hall Above