Listed Buildings
The following is a complete list of all Grade II listed buildings within the borders of Oxton.  If you know of any
additional building please let me know so that i may add it to the list:

Alton Road
05 Alton Road
07 Alton Road
09 Alton Road
11 Alton Road
13 Alton Road
15 Alton Road
14 Arno Road
Trinity With Palm Grove United Reform Church, Alton Road
Pillar Box 23 on Alton Road

Balls Road
Pillar Box on Balls Road, Near North East Corner of Junction with Slatey Road

Bidston Road
37 Bidston Road
Church of Saint Saviour, Bidston Road
Oxton Old Hall, Bidston Road

Caroline Place
Springfield Lodge, Caroline Place
4 Caroline Place

13 Charlesville

Christchurch Road
Entrance Gateway, Garden Wall and Corner tower to Christchurch Road
Christ Church, Christchurch Road

Devonshire Place
Saint Anslems Junior School, Devonshire Place
40 Devonshire Place
42 Devonshire Place

Devonshire Road
24 Devonshire Road
26 Devonshire Road
28 Devonshire Road
30 Devonshire Road
36 Devonshire Road
38 Devonshire Road
40 Devonshire Road
17-31 Kenyon Terrace, Devonshire Road
01-05 Kenyon Terrace, Devonshire Road
Aston Lodge, Devinshire Road
Gateway to 59 Devonshire Road

Fairview Road
14 Fairview Road
16 Fairview Road
17 Fairview Road
20 Fairview Road

Rose Mount
20 Rose Mount
22 Rose Mount
39 Rose Mount
41 Rose Mount

Shrewsbury Road
30 Shrewsbury Road
59 Shrewsbury Road
Birkenhead School Preparatory Department, Shrewsbury Road

Slatey Road
Williamson Art Gallery, Slatey Road

South Bank
03 South Bank
05 South Bank
07 South Bank
11 South Bank
13 South Bank

Talbot Road
20 Talbot Road

Village Road
14 Village Road
16 Village Road
18 Village Road
20 Village Road
22 Village Road
24 Village Road
Holly Lodge, Village Road

Willan Street
02 Willan Street
03 Willan Street
04 Willan Street

Woodchurch Road
Oxton Congregation Church, Woodchurch Road