Arrowe Lodge
Arrowe Lodge is a Grade II listed building at the gates of Arrowe Park built in an Elizabethan style
architecture circa 1856.  The lodge was built for lodgings of the head grounds keeper of Arrowe Hall.  
The first known occupants of the Arrowe Lodge were the “Waddell” family from Scotland.  In 1870 the
next recorded tenant was John Daly who moved from Knutsford for the much sought after position.  In
1891 the house and position of Head Gardner was now occupied by another Scotsman “Mr John
Johnstone”.  Mr Johnstone was succeeded by Mr McFee who was the new head gardener to the
McCalmont family of Arrowe Hall.  In the early 1920s the next tenant of Arrowe lodge was “Harry
Benbow” with his assistant “William Bennet”.  In 1928 the land was made into Arrowe Country Park
(now public) and Arrowe Lodge became the new home of the Park Foreman “Mr Charley Clarke”.  Today
the building still stands and can be seen in all its glory at the Junction of Arrowe Park formally where the
round about was.
A brief history of Arrowe Lodge
Arrowe Lodge
Left: Arrow Lodge taken from the front at the Gates of Arrowe Park 2007
Arrowe Lodge
Below: The rear of Arrowe Lodge taken in 2007.
Arrowe Lodge
Left: The splendid
entrance to Arrow
Lodge  taken in 2007