Arrowe Hall 1904
Arrowe Hall in 1904 and 2008
Arrowe Hall 2008
Arrowe Park covered approximately 725 acres and was originally owned by John Ralph Shaw who,
between 1835 and 1844 built an Elizabethan style mansion called Arrowe Hall.  The hall was extended
twice between 1864 and 1876 with the addition of a billiards room and a conservatory.  Shortly after
Arrowe Hall was handed down to "Captain Otho Shaw" whose main interest was travelling the World
and experiencing adventure.  As a result, Arrowe Hall became virtually a private museum to house
items he had collected during his travels.  His collection included a fine collection of glass and pottery
which were said to be more than 2000 years old claimed from the Tombs of Cyprus, a carved oak
bedroom suite made in York in 168, and the head of a man eating lion from India.  

When the Hall was built the surrounding area was fairly quiet and few buildings caused obstructions to
view.  From the tower of Arrowe Hall could be seen Black Comb, in the county of Cumberland, and the
Snowdon range of hills in North Wales.

The hall was noted to have the following rooms contained within:

Servants quarters, Servants Hall, Office / Study, Billiards Room, Library, Dining Room, Drawing Room,
Large Kitchen, Wash House, Laundry Room, Large Cellar, Guest Bedrooms, Main Bedrooms, Nursery's,
Dressing Rooms and a School Room.  The grounds comprised of well maintained lawns and gardens
with an expensive array of plants, trees and shrubs including a large orchard.  In addition the grounds
housed a large stable and coach house for guests.  

The house changed hands many times over the years until in 1923, the second Baron of Leverhulme
sold off 425 of the 752 acres of land to the Birkenhead Corporation and with it a legacy that will never
be forgotten.  Whilst in the hands of the Birkenhead Corporation Arrowe Hall has been the site of a
lavish restaurant and a convalescent home.  Today Arrowe Hall is a residential care home for disabled
Arrowe Hall 2008
Arrowe Hall 2008
Arrowe Hall 2008
Arrowe Hall 2008 Left Axis
Arrowe Hall 2008 Right Axis
Arrowe Hall 2008 Front