Landican is a hamlet on the Wirral Peninsula the majority of which is open pastures and green
farm land.  It is situated on the outskirts of Birkenhead, near to Woodchurch and the M53
motorway.In 1085, Landican was recorded in the Domesday Book as Landechene and was under
the control of Chester many miles away.  The name Landican is thought to be from
Celtic origin.  
Landican may not be populated today but at the time of the Domesday survey it is recorded as
being second most important only beaten by Eastham.  Records list the following at Landican in

8 Ploughs, 7 Hides of taxable land, 1 Priest, 9 Villagers, 7 Small Holders and 4 Frenchmen.  It was
valued at 40 shillings or £2.00 in todays money.  Landican is most probably famous for its huge
Cemetery which is situated opposite Arrowe Park and is one of the main cemetery and
crematorium sites for the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral.  

By the early 15th Century Landican became its own manor and broke away from its neighbours
Arrowe and Woodchurch.  The hamlet later became township in Woodchurch Parish of the Wirral
Hundred and was added to Birkenhead civil parish in 1933. The population was recorded as 45 in
1801, 57 in 1851 and 71 in 1901.  However at the time of the 2001 census the community had a
population of only 20 making it the smallest population in Wirral just in-front of Clatterbridge with a
recorded population of 30 people.
Landican Cemetery from above