On the 07/08/2011 I recieved the following letter from the widow of 2nd Lt. Edward F. Brick:

"I recently learned from Jane Woyciechowski of the Memorial erected and
maintained by the people of Wirral.

As the widow of  2nd Lt. Edward F. Brick I would like to express my
eternal gratitude to the people of Wirral for keeping alive the memory of my
husband and the twenty-three other airmen who perished as a result of the
aircraft explosion on October 18. 1944.

In was difficult to read Collin Schroeder's report of the disaster.
n attempting to write this message I find it difficult to find the words to
truly express my gratitude to the people of Wirral for the erection and
continued maintenance of the Memorial honoring all who perished on that

I had been unaware Of the Memorial until I was contacted by Jane.  It
is unfortunate that Eddie's parents and siblings never knew of the kindness
of all of the residents of Wirral who, to this day, honor the memory of
their son and brother.

Eddie was a very special young man who I loved very much and to this day I
cherish our brief time together.  As many of the war generation, our
courtship was primarily by mail and Saturday night dates by phone.
As we wrote daily letters and notes there was little left to say on the
phone other than we missed one another and to express our love.

When Eddie received his Commision and returned home we decided not
to wait for wars end to marry and on July 8, 1944 we married in the
Chapel at Westover Field in Massachusetts.  We were more fortunate
than many as we had from that date until his departure for England on
September 30th to be together.

When we received the notification of his death on November 7,1944 I
could not believe it and wrote to the War Dept. for confirmation and
received a letter, together with a clipping from your local paper confirming
that Eddie did in fact die just 18 days after his arrival in England.

With the help of Eddie's parents and my own family I struggled through
the days ahead trying to convince my self of the reality.

As the war in Europe ended and the men returned home I moved to
Virginia as I felt it would be a difficult period for me and returning
friends and family members - an unpleasant reminder when they should be
celebrating their safe return.

In 1946  I remarried (a WWII Veteran) and we raised our three children and
were married almost 65 years - until Frank's death in 2010.

I will never forget Eddie and am grateful for our time together and feel I
am a better person for having known him and been his wife.

I would appreciate your providing the name and address of your local paper
so that I may publicly acknowledge my appreciation to the people
of Wirral.

Thank you for your help providing all of the additional details.

An aerial view of the fields over Storeton where the plane crashed.  Click to enlarge.
A close up of the head stone.  Click to enlarge.
The memorial stone erected on the North Cheshire trading estate.  Click to enlarge.
The fields in which the plane crashed.   Click to enlarge.
Aerial View
Crash Site
Roll of Honour
List of men killed in the incident
Letter from Widow