At the south end of the lake, now
integrated into a modern house, is a
small circular sandstone tower.  The
tower is known as 'Tell's Tower'.  It was
built by Cumming Mcdona M.P in
memory of a remarkable
St. Bernhard dog for whom he had
great affection for.  Cumming Macdona
lived at Hilbre House in West Kirby with
his dog.  After the animal died in 1871
he built the tower in the corner of his
garden  and  buried it underneath with
a plaque and small inscription as a
dedication to his beloved pet.  

I am still looking for further information
on this and i am still hoping to get a
photograph of the house which it has
been built into today.  If you are able to
provide me with either of these please
contact me at
Tells Tower Information
The dogs grave at the Southern face of Tells Tower
Tells Tower in the foreground
Hilbre House and the embankment built to protect it from waves
The Base of the Grave
Tells tower in the distance over the embankment